Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Lets play a game...or 2 Pictures Game by Mishka

Let's play a fun game today:
Grab your camera.
Take pictures of 2 things in the room you're in right now.
Put them on your blog and say why you chose those 2 items to photograph.
Then comment here with the link to your blog post so we can all see each others' photos!
I'll start...

Picture 1: I always had a passion for decorating interior. This time i got these beautiful Lilies for brightening up our living room. My parents are visiting us on Thursday. So i thought it would be nice if we had fresh flowers at home. Besides all that, Lilies smell fantastic!

Picture 2: This is a self portrait i made some time ago for one of my classes. It's black ink on a transparency. When I was getting rid of old stuff i found this poster.
Last summer when I was supposedly moving the country for good, I left it to AJ because he meant a lot to me and for him to remember me of course. It was so difficult saying good byes to both of them (AJ and my self portrait) because I have spent a quality time and i never wanted us to be apart. Fortunatelly, Ive come back and finally reunited with both material and alive gorgeous things. So this poster is like a link to a better life and better chances to me.

Picture 3: It's a zoom in of the poster if you like to see more details.


  1. I wouldn't mind that poster myself hehe. I couldn't have parted with it.

    Heres my images :)

  2. really cool poster. You are so artistic!