Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Weekly order

Guys I have to confess that due to missed classes I haven't been living according to a schedule for about one year now. That means I can wake up whenever I want really and go to sleep at any time I desire. That leads to my complete lack of organizability. I would like to ask you for small confessions in return. What helps you to stay organized, get things done on time and have some spare time at the end of the day?

Thanks in advance,


  1. A tidy house/room/desk. That helps me stay organised and inspires me to organise everything else around me. I strongly believe "Tidy workplace, tidy mind"

    Holly ♥

  2. somehow i beleieve that genius and big artists are never organized , they flow and think , so its fine if ur room wa a bit missy.. its a good sign )

  3. Haha!
    Thank you Holly and Zuzik!
    And whose advise should I follow now? I am not a very messy person, and my house is as clean as it can get :) But I lack organization guys! Schedule?

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  5. you know in every case ther is the rule and the exception .. so which one are you ?? ))
    any way i will tell you something i followed befor .. when i have nothing to do for a few days .. i have one rule .. never sleep more than 7 hours .. i always put my alarm on .. so u have a plenty of time for doing things

  6. That's what I do. I get up at 8.30 am every morning and it still doesnt work. Damn, I want to cut internet. I cant skip practice for IELTS exam in favor to blogging.

  7. oh my.. i will loos my awsome follower if u did that (
    but thats a good step .. and good luck with ur exam .. always want the best for you dear cool lady :)