Friday, 13 November 2009

A whole year of love

Good morning and Happy Anniversary to me & my baby!
It's the official one year anniversary since we've announced our relationship on FB (:) Yay!
It was a year full of happy moments and dramas, attempting to understand each other, supporting in many ways, a year that made me appreciate that I have Alex in my life.
Baby I love you so much!
I wish us many more anniversaries to come and life full of joy and happiness :))


  1. happy one indeed..
    and wow i like his hair )

  2. Thank you and i will let him know that you are jealous of his hair ;)

  3. i said i like:)
    if iam jelous i will say ... does he have a dandruff problem ???))

  4. Very funny )))
    No, he doesn't. Do you? Frequently?

  5. well you know iam one big dundruff ... if it falls my mind it exposed to the rain ..)

  6. ...either it exposes your brain _)))