Sunday, 20 June 2010

sounds like a fun weekend

Hi dear followers and readers who visit my blog from time to time! I know you are out there somewhere and one day I'm certain you will join my army of followers ))))
What did you do this weekend darlings?... Whatever you did I'm sure you had a great time.
Here is a description of my weekend.
Firstly, it begun with few pizza slices with my hubby on couch infront of our tv. I know it might sound boring, but I enjoyed it coz Alex and I eat the best homemade pizza in town from Jack's, plus we compliment the pizza taste with thickly cut pieces of fresh cucumber from our cool fridge that keeps the temperature ecxactly at 3 degrees Celsius.)))
Next thing was recieving a phone call from my friend who invited me to a GoodBye party in club called Nuovo. I gotta say it was fun. Lot's of RnB and joy juice.:)) When the party was over, we headed to my place and got more drunk in the pool with my loved one))) So we ended up just chilling in a beautiful swimming pool drinking cocktails and observing sunrise. It was so wonderful and peaceful out there so we decided it was a good time to call it a day. After waking up in the afternoon I was still feeling kind of dizzy whether because of the amount of alcohol I consumed or too much sleep, but it felt good coz we could just relax all day watching movies and do nothing. ...Saturday ended early for me and I went to bed at 9pm! We were all anticipating for Sunday to come ))
On Sunday we got up early. Well, at least one of us did while I was still being lazy in bed ;) At about 11am we opened our doors to guests that were coming for the pool and BBQ. Getting tan and playing beach tennis in the swimming pool, getting our dog Sasha catch the ball, having best BBQ cooked by my hubby, getting all our guests full on food and some delicious fruit salad, playing more tennis on Wii Sport and just having a good time were things we were so looking forward to and made them happen. Bravo Alex and Diana! We've done a great hospitable job!
As for now, we are all successfully done for the day. And I'm happy to tell you my weekend went smooth and I hope yours too dear readers :))

Have a well-balanced upcoming week darlings!

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