Sunday, 27 June 2010

Worm eating a fruit within

Remember this post where I was making a plan for the day and living accordingly? There was one thing on the list I had to do - a drawing. Here is what I came up with that day.
It's a drawing inspired by one story told by a friend of ours. It goes like that: "I decided to cut some cabbage for the salad one day. And when I devided it in two equal parts with a knife there was this small worm right in the middle eating MY CABBAGE!" The other friend added: "As if it was saying: You ain't getting any.")))
So the moral of this story is Beauty is only skin deep.

Have a good Sunday everyone!


  1. This is so adorable! love how the cabbage is colored. Your Today I Will page is very inspiring indeed... l suppose those that have the strikethroughs were successfully carried out? Somehow it gives me joy reading it =) Stay positive Diana!

  2. Hey! I'm glad to have you here )))
    I think I should probabably stick to the Today I Will list. It gives me encouragement doing things. Thank you for your comment Sarah! Stay in touch ;)