Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Recession to Ovsyanka tour

Hey there everyone who is going to follow me on my Ovsyanka tour blog! I have really no idea what possessed me to start this blog coz I am rather a lazy ass person. Since i was a child i always been fascinated by the idea of having some kind of a diary or a sketchbook. I had tones of both: and diaries and scetchbooks throughout my life. But i only managed to finish one. Hell, yea..))) I'm that unstable. So be it! This will be my first personal electronic diary... sort of.
As for the blog's heading, Ovsyanka is a russian word which means oats porridge. Ovsyanka has become some kind of a metaphorical word meaning annoying, being obsessed with something and etc.
Anyways im currently getting distructed by many things.
Have a good one!

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