Monday, 10 August 2009

Colourless color

A thought of the day: how many posts I need to write in order to have more than 1 follower in my blog?
A second question of the day: how interesting should my posts be in order to get at least one respond from my reader?

I may sound desperate but I'm not really. Ive been just trying to figure out how this Blogger works. How long does it take to become more or less popular on this website?

If any of you people have advises for me please feel free to comment :)


  1. To be honest, i'm not sure. It all depends on how much you comment on other popular blogs and then how interesting other people that comment, find you. Just spread yourself around a bit, comment on everything and you'll soon start gaining followers.
    Also any other websites you're with, put a link from there to this blog. That may attract a few. :)

  2. ya i have an a dvise .. listen to holy it seems a good way )
    also viweing ur opnions about some popular issues might catch the interist of some,u always had the net of a spider in you )

  3. :) Thank you so much guys for your advises!

  4. It seems like your ideas really working :))