Sunday, 9 August 2009

Almost successful experiment or how to bake Camembert cheese.

Final product: Penne with melted Camembert infused with Italian herbs and garlic. Green salad made of lettuce and fresh cucumbers dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

Top view.

The process of pouring Camembert over cooked pasta.

10 min to go until Camembert and pasta are ready. While waiting with my mouth watering I am setting up the table.

Some ingredients: Half a pack of penne (for 2 persons), cherry tomatoes, zucchini (we used 2 medium size zucchini, but use 1) and 2 mushrooms.

Bon appetite!


  1. its very nice pictures,
    can u tell me all the ingrediant u used, wana try to tell mama to try to cook it )

  2. Yup. First you get Camembert cheese and cut out the top. Approximately half a Sm thick. Then you put herbs on top (Jamie Oliver uses 2 cloves of garlic, some rosemary and a massive slug of olive oil.) You need these herbs to infuse the cheese. Cheese should be unwrapped from the plastic package and put back into the wooden case. After it goes into a preheated oven for about 20 min until it's golden.
    Pasta: we used penne. It depends on your personal preferences. You boil pasta. It usually takes up to 6 mins. Right after pasta is done, rinse it. Slightly steer fry vegetables and add pasta in it. Keep it all on a low heat for about 5-7 min.
    Pour melted Camembert and grated Parmesan into your pasta and mix it all well. Serve it according to your taste. Voe a la! Your pasta with baked Camembert is ready :) Enjoy it!
    Oh, there is another recipe of baked Camembert you can find here:

  3. wow.. thanx alot .. thats whats called a pro cooking skills , when i was looking at the pictures a noticed from the look and colores of the dish. the fine way of cooking it,