Thursday, 6 August 2009

An ordinary day

>. Probably for the first time in 5 years i woke up at 7.30am
>. Had IELTS Speaking exam. It went well. I'd rather have it few days later even though it's not going to change a thing.
>. Called AJ after i've ordered taxi from The English School. We agreed that he will pick me up. I completely forgot to cancel the taxi. When i remembered it was already late. Eventually, two cars right in front of the entrance: one AJs and taxi. Woohoo!
>. Got beautiful sandwiches (triangles) from Get Fresh:

Yo! Egg

slices of fresh tomatoes
Salmon dream !
fresh tomatoes
creamy cheese
smoked salmon

>. Took a good afternoon nap to recharge my energy. After all i had a very stressful morning :)
>. Fed 5 hungry cats inside the house, Sasha the dog and everyday varying number of street cats.
>. 6.00 pm Although I was getting hungry too I decided to waste some time on getting sexy, fresh and clean for my boo. Jumped in the shower, put Energy FM and enjoyed half an hour of a proper relaxation. Have i told you I'm obsessed with taking showers? :)
>. AJ showed up at about 7.30pm. We got straight to business... eating, of course.
>. I downloaded Beyonce's album called I Am Sasha Fierce. Honestly, I am not one of her HUGE fans but it doesn't stop me from admiring her voice and her dancing skills. There was one song that caught my ear.
Sweet dreams has cool beats. It's a big hit on the radio these days.
>. Checked every possible social network account i have. I am really addicted to them.
>. Oh, yea! Excited news: my parents are visiting us next weekend. I haven't seen them since last Xmas.

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