Friday, 11 September 2009

Cute, kind of girlish

It's so hard not to fall in love with her work. I totally admire everything this girl does.
Kate Wilson is a graduate from the University of the Arts with 1st class honours in BA Illustration. She lives and illustrates in London.
Her portfolio works vary from bright lively sketches of birds and squirrels to illustrations for famous fashion brands and magazines. Whatever the purpose of her illustration is you can tell that she works according to her original style. As for her fashion collaborations, she worked with
The New York Times, Marc Jacobs, Liberty of London, Topman, The Guardian, Matches and Marie Claire Print.


  1. welcome back D-frost ur blog fan have been waiting for you :)
    always like to read ur infos about good, cool artists thats cherry on top the icceam look delicious:)
    some how the woman in yellow sweter looks like you ...

  2. Thanks :) Hope to update you with more stories and fresh reviews on art work shortly.