Sunday, 25 October 2009

Announced by all the trumpets of the sky, arrives the snow.

Today I got some good news from home. A winter hit my hometown (Perm). Lucky people actually have passed those rainy and sunny autumn days, and today they saw a first snow falling on their heads. It sounds kind of bizarre to me coz we don't get to see much snow here in Cyprus especially in October.:))) Besides, I still consider our weather kind of summery. The temperature hasn't been going any lower than 20 degrees Celsius.
So, there my imagination started running wild. I realized how much I was looking forward to winter with it's cold days outside of the house and nice warm feeling in front of the fire place inside. Just imagine rushing to work/uni/home and feel a cold air against your skin and then getting inside the building/house and feeling your skin warming up slowly. Mmm, that would be a one nice dream to see tonight.

Anyways, just to cut the story short, I got very inspired by my mums story about their snowy day in Perm today and I decided to create a winter calendar. Unfortunately I didn't have much patience to finish it, but there is a rough work so you can imagine what it would look like when it's finished.
To end up my post I would like you to read this cute little poem called FIRST SNOW by
Mary Louise Allen:

Beautiful feathery flakes of snow
Over the woodland and field they go
Making a blanket so warm and deep
Over the flowers that lie asleep


  1. wow a lready snow..
    i wonder if we will see snow in amman this year
    though we have a cold hous .. so its not very pleasent in winter days..

  2. Well, as you can probably imagine apartments in Cyprus aren't very warm either. Luckily for us, our house has a central hitting (floor hitting). I dunno when the cold winter will come here tho, I am so looking forward to it.
    Do you remember when we went for a walk to downtown after lunch/dinner at Nandos? I saw a woman selling different fruits on the street and I got mandarins without even knowing what to do with that whole bunch of fruits :))))
    I miss those winter days. There was certainly something magical in the air back then.