Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Final destination

Just came back from the movies with my beloved one. It's so good to escape from home at least for a little while, to relax your mind, let all the bothering thoughts leave your head just for a number of hours. Movies effect me a lot, especially the good ones.
Today we saw the FINAL DESTINATION movie. It's crazy! I am sure I don't need to tell you the whole plot coz that might spoil it for you, but I'd like to share some major points with you why I liked this particular movie.
Firstly, the FINAL DESTINATION (I think it's the 4th part) was in 3D which made watching it more realistic. Basically, you see the parts flying right in front of your eyes. Therefore, you experience the sensation of actually being a part of that story.
My second point is although the story is kind of common for any horror movies (how someone is seeing visions and then something bad happens to that someone and everyone around him/her), it kept me wondering and guessing what will happen next. So I promise you lots of unexpected moments.
And finally, the best part of the movie (you may come across it a certain number of times) when one thing leads to another. It's like a triggering mechanism. Oh, I hope you know what I mean?!
Since English is my second language, I've been hopelessly looking for this word, but no luck.
Well, you will figure it out yourself as soon as you see FINAL DESTINATION. I wish you all a good movie night!



  1. actually when ever my friends wants to go to this movie i try to make an execuse ))
    i know the story already ppl dies and as u said flying body parts .. while u have ur strong bf to grap when an arm goes around .. i have nothing but my popcporn and cavity teeth...)
    glad u enjoyed it :)

  2. Hahahah! You can hold onto your neighbor ))))