Thursday, 29 October 2009

Is That Really It?

Guess what? I was left completely disappointed by the THIS IS IT movie. After all these promotion, brain washing and lots and lots of crap that had been said in mass media you can't really associate yourself with this film. I expected a lot from it, and all I got was a shooting from MJ's This Is It tour rehearsals...
In my humble opinion, a documentary film should tell some kind of story, leave some kind of impression of that a person was exceptional, unique if you will. But all I saw in the movie had nothing to do with a good documentary. I guess there was already enough said about Michael's life, talent and his way of dealing with challenges, but where was the spark that would keep any viewer attached to the theater screen from the very 1st minute of the movie and until the very end? I personally didn't feel that, neither people around me. There is also another point I would like to raise. When it comes to performance, a big star likes to see the viewer seeing a show, not the rehearsal with uncompleted results. Michael and his team had been working hard on This Is It Tour which shows in the movie, but I doubt that MJ would like his fans to see "backstage" rehearsals. Again that's just my opinion.
It is strange, but in Cyprus this movie was not advertised the way it should have, for our own best I suppose. And I found it quite surprising, shocking I'd say, that on a premier day the cinema hall was half empty... No crowd, nothing like "all the tickets been sold out withing a week" as we were promised by some sources. Tragic!
I think I've already said enough. I would like to hear your opinion now on what you think about this movie... any? NO? Not worth talking about it then.


  1. i didnt see it, i heard some ppl says it was good, but i knew its a bs one, they just wanna make money from mj legacy ...

  2. i totally share your opinion Zuz!