Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Chinese a day keeps hunger away

Had your dinner yet? My hubby got us Chinese delivery from Pagoda tonight. Yummi! We had steamed damplings, spring rolls with sweet sauce, sesame prawn triangles, sweet & sour pork, and fried rice with mixture of meat and shrimps. Wow! While I was writing all these things we ate I realized how much we actually had )))
Food rocked, but being a graphic designer got me thinking about changing their package for different dishes. Why Chinese delivery food in Cyprus never comes in carton boxes? It's so much fun eating from a pretty box, isn't it.
Somehow, I solved the problem by drawing my own Pagoda delivery box. I guess this website about packaging design got me inspired. It's amazing how your entire experience of eating/using a particular food/drink/product changes once you get to see it wrapped up in a pretty package.

Have a good evening darlings and don't forget to give your stomach some time to digest the amount of food you had for dinner ;)



  1. Lol! That's a great idea to have it in carton boxes with nice designs. Thanks for sharing the link, I love these kinds of eye-candies. Another package design website I love is thedieline.com. BTW did you drew this on a paperbag? It has a nice texture.

    Alright I'm off for a rest to let my dinner digest =)

  2. Thanks for the link Sarah!
    I drew this illustration in my scetchbook I got from Etsy ages ago. Still using it ))) I love all kinds of texture of papers this scatchbook contains. So inspiring!