Monday, 7 June 2010

Feeling lilac

Good day everyone! :))))
Today I decided to try myself in fashion moodboards. Here is a little bit of information just to have a simple idea of what moodboards are. Moodboards are a series of images, drawings and fabrics, as well as any other inspirational ideas. All the elements of the moodboard are uniquely combined to portray a selected fashion theme or statement that summarises a forthcoming collection. They are used to develop the style and colour requirements of the brief.

Media used:
  • scanner
  • graphic pen
  • Photoshop

Items displayed in my BLACK, LILAC & PEARLY SILVER moodboard (from the top left cloak wise):
  • short lilac top from TOPSHOP
  • shades by MARC JACOBS
  • sketch of a complete outfit
  • sample of the black skirt by ZARA
Have a stylish Monday people!


  1. have a good day u 2 :)
    in interior design mood boards are very important..
    i liked ur board and keep it up :)

  2. Yep, we used to do moodboards in 3D class at the uni. Mine was on Jan Paul Gaultier as I can recall. Such a good waste of time ))
    I'll introduce you to my future projects on a moodboard subject soon. I'm sure they will get better ))