Thursday, 15 July 2010

my kind of procrastination

Does it ever happen for you to postpone a whole bunch of things you'd planed to do for the day or you are a type of person who gets everything done on time and then just enjoy yourself?
Well, I hate to say, but I am a typical procrastinator. I'd do anything but what I must do even if my deadline has already past. Not always, of course! Just for the day I'd explor my well-known environment, paint my nails  thousand times, play silly games on my iPod Touch, watch tv, surf internet, epilate my legs even though there's no hairs left to remove, make pasta with paprica chicken for a friend stopping by for a quick cup of coffee, smoke a hell lots of cigarettes, drink coffee even though my energy level is already up and going strong, day dream of bizzare things such as fish in my tummy, and etc. As you have probably noticed, there is now room for serious things in my daily routine for today :))
So... how was your day darlings? hope not as productive as mine...;)