Saturday, 5 June 2010

Crafty postcards

More updates on my hobby. I got really interested in creating my own post cards last Valentine's day. Since then I've been designing, gluing, drawing, embossing and stamping. I've got to say this new hobby of mine really calms me down and makes me happy. It also makes my beloved ones happy which is the most important thing.
Love is a hoot, I simply love you and Bee my honey cards were given to my then-boyfriend-now-husband for Valentine's Day this year. I think he loved them.
8 Marta was sent by post to my dear mum for Woman's Day.
And the last one with the orange flowers, to my granny. I think she was more touched by the fact that she received the card from me :))
You know I was always attracted to craft art, so creating postcards was my getaway from daily bordom.
Hope you will find this post inspiring and share some of your hobbies with me too. What gives you a satisfaction in your spare time?

Kindly yours,

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