Saturday, 5 June 2010

A road from a seed full of hope to a real flower we could ever wish for.

Good afternoon dear followers! Having a good weekend?
Alex and I are just chilling today in our casa, not doing anything special coz we are quite tight on a budget. Speaking of which, I want to present you to a motivating article I found on the tynybuddha website.
A writer of the article Alexis Montgomery questioning how we deal with life in the real world while continuing to work toward our dreams.
Sometimes stopping and taking a careful look at a structure of thoughts we're building-up in our heads is essential in order to see a whole clearer picture of where we are now and what we aim to achieve.
And if you feel stuck or unmotivated to move on with your life, this article might help you to realise that sticking to your own dream will force the seeds of now to grow into a beautiful flower of your future success.  
Have a motivated Saturday!

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